Sunday, July 1, 2012

Caye Caulker lobsterfest and the animals of Belize

So we decided to take the water taxi yesterday to Caye Caulker for their Lobster Fest. I like the Caye Caulker Lobster Fest a bit better than the block party in San Pedro as it's much more low key and you can get a huge lobster off the grill for next to nothing. I wish I had tried the Coconut curry Lobster they were hawking for 10 bucks. That's 10 Belize folks which is $5 US!! But instead I went for the huge lobster in garlic butter and it did not disappoint.

downtown Caye Caulker

Mmmmmm...lobsters and chicken on the grill

the tents at lobster fest

the kids tried on some dreadlock hats!

Typical menu... YUM!

Grill after grill after grill!!

Here's my dinner!

Tommy opted for BBQ lobster. Personally I think that's just wrong! Haha!

HUGE lobsters for cheap!

We are a huge animal loving family and actually brought our sweet puppy back from San Pedro 2 years ago. She came from SAGA, the humane society in San Pedro. We saw this version of a humane society yesterday in Caye Caulker. Cats and dogs living in harmony here! HA! They were all happy for a bit of attention and some treats.

Here's Saga in San Pedro. Jen volunteered there nearly every day on our last trip which is when she begged for our cute Mango! We named her after our favorite restaurant in San Pedro... Wild Mango's! Be sure to check it out!

Here she is at Saga with Mango 2 years ago...

How could we say no to that face?!!

and here she is at home living the life now!

She is such a beautiful and sweet girl. We are so happy we brought her home!

If you want to help an island dog then please don't hesitate to adopt a "potlicker" from Saga! We brought all sorts of goodies, dog and cat toys and supplies down for them and try to donate whenever we can. If you have dogs at home and are lonely for them then the older dogs at "Fort Dog" would love it if you took them out for a walk. Saga appreciates the help! Please consider donating to this very worthwhile Humane Society. They do so much for the island animals!

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