Thursday, January 6, 2011

Capital One Bowl!

Well it's taken awhile for me to lick my wounds after that beating in the Cap One bowl before I could post our photos from the day but I have recovered and decided to update the blog. We had beautiful weather for the game and I have to say the Capital One bowl is one of the best run and classiest bowls we've been to. First class all the way and gameday is great fun. We started out the day getting ready after having been woken at 1:30 am to HUGE loud sirens and the fire alarm in the hotel. We all got up, got dressed and ran down 17 flights of stairs...not fun. We were barely conscious - the poor players must have really been off!

A few nights before the game we had a party at the gigantic mansion in Windermere (Tiger Wood's hood) for all of the coaches and wives of both teams

and we were able to reconnect with our old neighbors the McElwains - Karen fixed Tommy and me up on our blind date 5 years ago! Thank You Karen!!

Us with the Macs!

Here's "Hef" getting ready for his day!

The little bunny is right behind him!

Sarah and Marshall on the bus heading to the stadium

NOW they're ready for the game!

we get a full police escort which is way cool

about 6-8 motorcycle cops with State flags on the back whizzing by us so they can zoom ahead and stop traffic on the onramps of the interstate

which tends to piss off a few of the people backed up on the interstate but we had a few State fans get out of their car and wave which was cool!

at the stadium

Marshall, Jen, Drew, me and Sarah

the Roushar clan


sweet Joe Tate - our honorary captain

Coach Hoke in the Coaches huddle

Coaches getting fired up pre-game

Here's the scoreboard when we were tied (pre-game) and when we still had a chance! HAHA!

Brian and Jen Hoke

our band kicked their band's butt at least!

this is the tunnel they run out of

F15 flyover pre-game. SO SO Cool - I never get tired of those!

Captains and coin toss

there's Coach Hoke in the middle of the swarm

THE HIGHLIGHT of the entire game for me was meeting Holly Rowe at the end of the game! She is my personal FAVORITE ESPN commentator and I think she rocks! This was as close as we could get for a photo together!

I gave Brett Swenson some grief and told him that Drew was finally taller than him! 

we drowned our sorrows at a fantastic Italian restaurant called Maggiano's with friends after the game

the waiters were so nice and did their best to cheer us up! This helped but the wine helped more...

as we were boarding our flight in line for our security we spotted the F15's next to us from our flyover

couldn't believe how small they were!

they spent extra time wanding certain people...haha!

heading home! What a great week!