Monday, July 16, 2012

A positive update and hopeful promise towards compassion

I am so happy to report that at the moment, the dog eradication by strychnine poisoning has been ceased and the Mayor and the president of the Saga Humane Society in Belize have met and come to an agreement. Here is a recent forum post from the Saga President:

"After a 90 minute meeting with the mayor today.....I want to report that there should be no repeat of the dog eradication by poisoning that we saw last week. On Thursday of this week....Reef TV will host the mayor and Peter of SPAH and myself for an announcement on how we intend to go forward with controlling the companion animal population. 

If you have a roaming dog or cat, you may want to contain your pet as roundups and humane euthanasia are to be scheduled as an alternative. I am the last person on this island that wants to destroy a healthy dog or cat.....but the alternative is a death for them in a painful manner. The delivery system we will use will consist of a sedative to put the animal to sleep and allow them to ease into death.

I am going to need financial help from everyone who loves our companion animals.....please open your hearts and checkbook to help. We are having a cook off Wednesday nite at Wet Willies and will have a donation box set aside just for this. Thank you."

and this just posted this morning;

"Details will be forthcoming as we plan a big drive to let the community know what we are doing.....the basics are that we will be conducting a roundup at least one or two nites a week.....the dogs and cats......yes cats are included....will be held at Ft. Dog and the clinic and processed. All captures will be held a minimum of 3 days to allow owners to claim them..... only after the animal is altered and vaccinated and a fee paid!! Unclaimed captures will be evaluated as to health and adoptability and may be kept longer if possible to find them a good home. All captures will be photographed and documented. Please alert everyone you can to keep their animals at home and off the streets.....this will begin shortly after months end."

I am very happy that Saga has worked with the mayor towards a positive and humane outcome. Please visit the Saga page to stay in the loop with the  information as it's posted.

And If you are able to please donate and help these animals by helping Saga! They have a US tax i.d. number and your donation is fully deductible on your US tax return!

scroll to the bottom for their Paypal account.

The island dogs and cats thank you!

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