Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spartans in Mexico!

Well we just returned from the "Week two" trip of the Football staff trip to Mexico. What a great time with a great group of people. We certainly feel incredibly fortunate to be part of such an amazing staff and program. Most of the gang went the first week and a much smaller group of us went on week two. Winter conditioning must go on so somebody had to stay back and mind the fort. We left on a Charter out of Lansing on Monday morning and came back Friday.

Tommy loads up on beverages for the bus ride to the resort

starting the trip off right!

we hit the pool bar immediately!

had to take the gratuitous underwater shot!

Tommy chillin with a book and a few drinks nearby...

the girls minus 3...

everybody is here but the Statens...I think they were still napping! :-)

Dinner at the Brazilian restaurant

Mmmmmmm Caipirinha's!!!

great catamaran snorkeling trip

saw a spotted eagle ray right off the bat!

then they flew this spinnaker with a swing attached...


Here goes Tommy...

they flew about 30 feet in the air

and got whipped to the the left...

that did NOT look like fun to me!

Tommy had a great dismount - damn close to a triple lindy but I missed it on camera

a little local flair

Liz getting into the Mariachi band!

Matt and Jeff

Margarita and Raoul Hoke

back at the pool bar double fisting it!

the guys getting ready for shots!

post tequila shot!

we got a  little silly on the beach

Every time I saw this sign I said "If you're drunken...PUSH". Tommy took my advice

First time I've been to an all inclusive with liquor dispensers IN the room! Fully stocked mini bar with mixers, sodas etc BUT try to get a bottle or even a glass of wine...forget about it!

dinner with the whole gang on the last night

We had a great time with GREAT people! Hope we win the Big Ten again and get to do it all over again next year!