Monday, October 25, 2010

Trip to Northwestern

Well it was a nail biter but fortunately we came out on top once again with a 35-27 win over Northwestern! Don't let the score fool you - it was much closer than that and a scary one. They are a very tricky and fast team and Dan Persa is an absolutely amazing quarterback! That kid will do very very well in his college career. But my Spartans have great heart and they came back out in the 2nd half with a vengeance and would not be denied the win! I have great hopes that they can continue on this course and we might just find ourselves in Pasadena on New Year's day! (don't want to jinx it though so one Saturday at a time...)

stopping at the stadium on Friday afternoon for the team walkthru

ESPN is here and getting things ready

Tommy is working out and stretching some of the guys

Gameday! My friends Chet and Katie came as my guests! It was Katie's first college football game and she certainly got an exciting one!

It was raining when we went in - I looked like a giant green trash can with all my rain gear on including the big green plastic poncho that had been removed for this pic

3rd quarter and we've come back from a 17-0 deficit

Sparty never gave up on the team! He knew they'd come back and get the W!

final score in the background and Chet and Katie breathe a sigh of relief that they brought GOOD KARMA to their first Spartan game!

Whew! Make that 8-0 now and soon to be ranked #5 Nationally!

the team celebrates with their fans post game

LOOK! The sun came out and shined on the Spartans for the entire second half of the game! Must be an omen...

The smiles on the faces of a few of the Coaches wives say it all! Another win for the Spartans and 8-0! Let's keep it going!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

HOMECOMING WEEKEND! Parades, football and movie stars!

Well it certainly was a fun-filled and action packed weekend around here! I don't know what I'd do without Sunday to unwind and breathe. Although the usual Sunday "chill" day is about to ramp up with Drew's football team doing volunteer work while Jen and I head out to get pumpkins and mums for fall decor. I guess there's always the work week for relaxation! Ha! We started out the festivities with the kids riding on a Coaches' kids float in the MSU Homecoming parade. The weather was beautiful, a sunny and crisp fall day. Followed by tailgating with my best girlfriends on another picture perfect fall day. Then the fantastic game that resulted in  a WIN, 26-6 and a 7-0 record! First time in 44 years! The highlight for my GF's was the arrival of actor Gerard Butler from the movie 300 - or world famous Spartan Leonidas and the ever famous chant heard throughout all of Spartan Stadium on any given Saturday on a big 3rd down defensive stand..."SPARTANS! What is your profession?!!!"

forgot my camera for the parade so the iphone photo was the best I could do! Back of the float.

tailgating with great friends! Kris, Jean, Chris and Heidi

Kris and me - she's batting 100% for wins and game attendance!

Coach Hoke comes out for the pre-game "good luck smooch"! Works every time! Well almost...

Fat daddy tries to get a pre-game smooch from his girl

she still thinks smooching is "Gross!" Thank goodness...

the girls pose with Johnny Spirit...

one of them looks kinda she has something to get off her guilty chest...hmmm I wonder who it could be? Is that a smudge on his bike??? Naaaah!

Jennifer and Maddie at the game! Come to think of it Maddie is also batting 100% for game attendance and wins!

Here's actor Gerard Butler getting the crowd fired up pre-game

Here's Gerry finding his seat and here's where my girlfriends lost ALL interest in the game!!! Hahaha!

Give us a smile Gerry!

He's admiring one of the Coaches' kids

post game in the locker room - another iphone pic

yes there wasn't much game watching from the girls! They decided to get a photo of his butt for prosperity! 

Finally back home and exhausted but to some very happy dogs that their people are home! Rest up until next week!! Make it 8-0!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall cleanup - what a mess

Well poor Tommy. He has very little time off these days during season and spends his Friday mornings on "Pond Boy" duty and leaf cleanup! This backyard is a FAR CRY right now from the beauty we enjoy during the summer with our Japanese "Zen" garden pond and outdoor living room, firepit and general awesome backyard fun.



a pond boy's work is never done

ugh what a mess

mastering the art of the 3 dog walk!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Rivalry Week! MSU v UM

Well I am very happy to post that WE WON again in 2010!! We are now sitting at a fabulous 6-0 and a #13 national ranking. Final score MSU 34 UM 17. (coulda been a bigger beatdown but MSU kept it classy and took a knee at the end instead of running it in from the 10 yard line for a TD or kicking a field goal). We headed down on a bus with all of the families and friends, Ed and Laura who are such wonderful hosts! We had a great time with them as always and the tailgate was terrific. The ride home was even more fun - champagne and fun celebrating a victory! We have homecoming versus Illinois this next weekend and all of the coach's kids are riding on a float in the homecoming parade. Pics coming on that next weekend!

so I'm a bit behind - this is tailgating at the Wisconsin game. It was COLD! and rainy...

Jen gets to hang with Sparty at one of the coach's kids bday party in the indoor facility

hubby and me pregame. See the coats? It was COLD!

Jean tries to hitch a ride on Johnny Spirit's bike but if he catches her she's DEAD!

tailgating prior to the Michigan game. OK - so in one weekend we went from 50 degrees to almost 80 degrees! Welcome to Michigan!!

Crazy Laura!

Ed is tending bar - he does that well!

they had a parachuter (paratrooper?) fly in and land on the field delivering the game ball!

it was way cool

kids rocking their Spartan Spirit!

Me with my buddy Pat Conlon and her beau

Final score...happy day!

Team rushes the field and heads to the Spartan section to sing the fight song and proudly display the Paul Bunyan Trophy who returns to his rightful place in East Lansing!

A gang of former players

 girls after the game! We were very happy!!

We had a celebration party at our house after the game when we got home and our favorite Michigan fans came by. Tom and Sheila Jones! They are great sports and as difficult as it must be to come into a houseful of happy Spartans after their team lost they always do and show great spirit for their team and congratulate us! One sidenote - don't let the smiles fool you - the only reason they look happy here is from numerous bottles of what Tom is holding in his hand!