Friday, July 13, 2012

Apparently it's not just the stray dogs that are getting poisoned

Just saw this on Facebook and it broke my heart terribly...

about an hour ago 

Sultana you are very much missed. Thanks Danny, She was nursing eight puppies. My dog and her puppies were being cared for by the staff at the Boat Yard and was on the property when she was poisoned.

Danny would be the Mayor that decided to go out and do this without warning in the dead of night. His dog was being cared for at the boat yard while he was away on business. They are hoping to save some of the puppies but Mama is gone after an undoubtedly horrific and painful death.

PLEASE email the town council and demand that they stop this practice FOREVER!!! The local humane society has already said they would help! If they had done this properly in the first place no one would have lost their beloved pets.

Yeah...she really looks like a vicious stray dog doesn't she? Terribly tragic, sad and ultimately avoidable.

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