Monday, July 9, 2012

Our final days in our Belizean paradise

Well our 2 week trip had to come to an end sooner or later. This is the one place that we come to again and again and every time I feel a pain in my heart when we leave. We have every intention of finding retirement property here and spending 4-6 months a year here when we retire. But sadly retirement is still a ways off so until then we have to enjoy our 2 weeks here every year or at the very least every other.

Both of the kids finished up dive instruction in the amazing and capable hands of Junior Tillet from Scuba School Beize. If you're headed to Ambergris Caye and want a top notch guy to dive with or want Padi scuba instruction, he's your guy. Jennifer completed her Jr. Open Water certification and loved diving after that! Drew finished his advanced open water and is looking to do Rescue Diver next. The diving here is fantastic!

We made sure that our last couple of dinners here were memorable! This was taken on our last night at Wild Mango's...our favorite restaurant for lunch and dinner

we ordered the seasoned onion rings which were amazing!! Wish I knew what they put on em but man they were good!!

Wish I could remember what this dish was that Tommy ordered with coconut rice but was it ever good!

I ordered the caribbean grouper which was done in a mango and fruit salsa and fantastic!

when we got home one of our many island dogs was there to greet us so of course we fed her!

she was very appreciative!

and Mango (our Saga dog from Belize) had a certain relative visit us several times. He was also the beneficiary of a few meals. He must be at least a cousin or an Uncle!

Sweet and Cute!

Here's our Mango! Can't get over the resemblance!

Our final night catching up with friends from Caribbean Villas! Hard to say goodbye to the people and the dogs of this great island but we will be back as soon as we can!!

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  1. Dang I want your onion rings and your dog :) cute blog girly!!