Monday, April 25, 2011

Pond catastrophes and spring cleanup make for an eventful Easter weekend!

Well this was one of our busier weekends in quite some time given that we finally had some decent weather! We woke up Friday morning to half of the water in the pond gone and the fish looking up at us as if to say "Where the heck did our home go?!" We quickly ran a hose and refilled adding salt and stress coat to de-chlorinate the water and called Luke Landscape to come out and take a look. For the life of us we can't figure out what happened. We have since put the big pump back in to run the waterfall and everything seems to be holding just fine. Whew! We were mentally counting the money on how much that repair would have set us back...

I looked to see when we drained the pond last year to do the major cleanout and it was this very weekend! It wasn't quite as warm this weekend however so we decided to pull the winter cover off all of the outdoor furniture, power wash the deck and stain it. That was our major work this weekend and it looks great now! Maybe we can get to the pond in the next week or two but for now all 7 koi/goldfish survived the winter and are happy to be getting fed again and have the waterfalls running. Hopefully within two weeks we will be fully up and running in the Zen garden!

Tommy hard at work staining

don't let these pics fool you...I did plenty of staining too! I just didn't get a pic!

My work finished in the kitchen making Easter dinner and topping it off with a chocolate trifle with a little Easter flair!