Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Belize Spring Break Fun! The last days of a great vacation!

Well all good things eventually must come to an end and our fabulous vacation was no exception. What a fantastic, fun and adventure filled week we had! Can't beat a vacation that starts out at an amazing Eco lodge in the jungle followed by cave tubing and zip lining and ending with scuba diving that included an up close and personal experience with dolphins! Well one of us got that experience while the rest of us got massages on the beach. Choices...

Early morning view from the patio of our beautiful condo at Grand Colony island villas.
We own the timeshare here and come back almost every year and love it!

Heading to the dive shop for Jenny's last check out dives for her certification. Molly is just a day behind her. New Saga puppy Oliver enjoys some fun golf cart time before heading to the US and Michigan!

Heading out on the dive boat! 3 scuba divas!

Kris, Jenny and Oliver stay back while we are diving and hold down the beach chairs for us! :-)

We decided to grab lunch at our favorite restaurant and my Saga pups namesake Wild Mango's!
This restaurant NEVER disappoints! A must stop on every trip for us.

Off we go on our dives!

This is Molly's last checkout dive for her certification! Look out for the shark Molly!!

He's right below you Molly!!

I think I'm saying "Molly! Swim THIS way!!!" Haha!

Apparently she doesn't have enough meat on her bones and he's off looking for something tastier.

Got a great pic of all of us after the girls finished their Padi certification and Drew is now an official Padi Rescue Diver! He is now starting on his DiveMaster certification which is awesome!

We celebrated all of the kids diving success at Roadkill Bar for Wade's famous Gringo burgers!
They are famous and delicious so don't miss them if you travel here!

It has really been an amazing trip with great fun and great friends! I hope we can all do it again someday soon!

Our final pic is after we got home taken yesterday in my backyard. Two Belizean island dogs from the same fantastic place, Saga Humane Society are now neighbors and friends!

If you travel to Belize and fall in love with an island dog, please know how absolutely EASY it is to take one home! No major hassles or quarantines whatsoever. Just a health certificate, a crate, an airline ticket and a lifetime of love!

Bye for now Belize! See you next year in March!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Belize Spring Break! Adventures of Moms and Teens Days 5 and 6

Day Five:

So our adventures continue on our island paradise! The wind was howling and the sea was pretty rough on Monday so our diving was canceled. Tuesday it was unbelievably calm and out we went. Jenny J. had her first open water dive while Drew, Jennifer and I dove. Kris, Jenny B. and Molly all snorkeled with us. The pool work didn't go too well for Molly so she decided to try snorkeling to get her "sea legs" first. (pun intended haha!)

early morning in Belize... beautiful

Couple of errands first - gotta stop at Maria's fruit stand and get the islands best fruit, produce and her fresh squeezed juices! She will make whatever kind of juice you want to order!

Off we go to the dock to load up, check equipment and head out for our dive!

Junior Tillet - the island's most fabulous instructor giving Jenny her lesson and dive brief

Getting ready to go

Drew is a working man this week working for Junior during his Rescue course and to get some free diving!

Venancio (Junior) Tillet - Maya God of Scuba Divers!

Heading to the dive site

snorkelers getting ready to go in

Nice hair Jennifer!

These little fishes like to bite!

There's a flounder in there... see it?

Here's Jenny on her first open water dive!
She did great!

The kids and me!

little stingray

Ancient Mayan artifact found???

Hmmmm.... maybe not

Off we went later in the day to walk Saga doggies! Pilot LOVES to go swimming!

They are SO happy to get out of the kennels, get some attention and go for a walk on the beach and a swim!

After the walk we ended up with an unexpected addition to our little travelers group! Meet Oliver Johnstone, the sweet little Saga puppy headed home with us on Saturday! Who can resist this face?! Certainly not any of us!

After the dog walking Jen, Kris, the three girls and I all had massages in a cabana over the water while Drew went diving in the afternoon. Did we miss anything opting out of diving???


check out this amazing video!

Aaaaack! Drew's amazing footage diving with dolphins! 20 years of diving and I've never experienced anything like this. I'm sick with jealousy!!

Day Six!

With day six came a few more adventures starting with a morning dive for Drew, Jenny and me. Jenny was doing dives two and three of her open water course!

Dolphins??? Yeah right. I think I saw a rock.

Back on the beach in the afternoon and helping the local economy via
purchases from this lovely Guatemalan woman!

Had to do the required beach feet pic! Drew had to use a panorama to get us all in!

View from my beach chair - doesn't suck!

Kris and little Oliver who was SO happy to see her after his bath and doggie day care at Pampered Paws!

Stopped for an afternoon snack of Pupusas - a Belizean fave! You can have them stuffed with chicken and cheese, beans and cheese, pork, seafood... you name it!


Back home for some more puppy playtime!

Sunset is early here and it is dark by 6 pm!

Another tough day in Belize!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Belize spring break! Days 3 and 4

The adventures of Moms and teens continue on our island paradise of Ambergris Caye, Belize! Sunday was somewhat of a chill day with some adventure mixed in as well. Jenny and Molly headed to scuba school Belize in the afternoon to start working on their confined water skills in the pool. Drew is working on his Rescue Diver course - hope we don't need any rescuing!

Here's Jenny and Molly doing their pool skills

Here's Drew with Junior working on his next certification. Believe it or not Drew was 8 and Junior introduced him to Padi bubble makers for his first dive experience. He's grown up a little bit since then!

after that we headed to pick up supplies on the preferred method of transportation 
in San Pedro - golf cart!

Supermarket nearby us

back to the beach for a spell....life's tough

Sunday's are big beach BBQ days in Belize so we headed off to Estel's on the beach for a fabulous BBQ lunch of chicken and ribs.

Oceanfront dining. Not too shabby

Dinner at Hidden Treasure. So let's say the food was a treasure but the hour and a half long wait to get it was NOT! Don't go hungry... you may pass out before you see your food!

beautiful downtown San Pedro


We took a break from diving as the weather was pretty rough and headed to Saga Humane Society where my sweet dog Mango came from almost 4 years ago!

I brought a GIANT 50 pound duffel bag filled with goodies for the shelter there including poop scoops, thermometers, leashes, collars and lots of dog and cat toys, treats and bones.
This is Ingrid Lima who runs the shelter and is a fantastic advocate for the animals!

Off we go to Fort Dog to gather up the older dogs and take them for a walk!

These dogs are so happy and grateful to get a walk on the beach and escape from those kennels!

walking dogs on a hot day makes you sweaty and gross! Time to cool off with a margarita on the beach!

FINALLY! I get a pic of me! Camp photographer always gets left out!
Molly photobombing me...

Time for a dip in the pool!

afternoon Pantyrippers at RoadKill bar!

The day was topped off with perfection with dinner at Wild Mango's! Our favorite favorite island restaurant and our Saga dogs namesake!

Another tough 2 days in paradise!