Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Newly Certified Jr. Open Water Diver!

Well Jennifer is now a fully certified Junior Open Water diver! She finished her last check out dive today with Junior from Scuba School Belize with a backroll entry off the boat into 6 foot swells and a pretty big nurse shark swimming around her as she finished her last 2 skills which was to remove and replace her mask, and navigate a reciprocal heading. At the end, Drew and I went to 100 feet for his deep dive on his advanced cerification and we were greeted up close and personally by this nice and friendly nurse shark who wanted to say hello...

These videos were taken on our Go Pro which we've been very pleased with. I will upload the video of Jennifer as soon as we edit it so it's a bit shorter and can upload to the blog.

OK so we now have a clipped version of her final skill which is to remove and replace her mask while at depth. Looks and sounds easy enough but it is the scariest of skills to do. It involves taking off your mask entirely, closing your eyes and breathing through your regulator then putting the mask back on and clearing out the water by blowing air out through your nose. Easy enough right?! For Jen it certainly seemed to be! She's a natural just like the rest of the family!

We are now a fully certified dive family!! Very cool!

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