Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cayman vacation 2010

We are finally on a very much needed family vacation to our timeshare in Grand Cayman. We have been working and on the go since before football season started and haven't really had any significant family relaxation time since last summer when we all were together at a North Carolina beach house in July with my family. So here we are...relaxing on the beach in Cayman with the biggest decision of the day being "what kind of rum drink should I have now?" We still have half a week left and plan to do some diving. Off to Georgetown today to give our sunburns a rest and stimulate the local economy. We are renting out our place here for next year and currently have spring break booked in April! (that can easily be changed if needed). Let me know if you're interested! Here are a few choice pics so far...

view from our room at the Westin on Seven Mile Beach

the Caribbean sea is like a giant swimming pool

pics of our condo

view from our patio

the kids are on their 2nd mudslide!

kids with their favorite pool toy

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Soccer Days

Jennifer plays on a 4th and 5th grade soccer team. Poor girls for all of their might can't seem to win a game. Not only can't they win they have yet to score a goal! In any case Jen is always in the mix of things and getting right into the action. The funny thing is the girls will get right up to the goal with the ball and then stand there petrified and paralyzed and without the chutzpa to knock the ball in! Oh well - this to shall pass...(right through their legs unfortunately). Good times, even the Corgis got a field trip out to watch a soccer match. Jen's team lost 6 to zip. Maybe next time...

Dewey is happy for a day out

Murphy is a little more stressed out with the field trip

Jennifer gets into the mix

good kick but it didn't go anywhere