Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The landscaping and outdoor projects never cease!

Well spring is nearly in the books and summer is almost upon us! June 20 is the official first day of summer but it may as well be here now. The Zen is up and running and my hubby has been busily doing landscaping duties that I keep finding for him. Yesterday's tasks were running cable from the basement outdoors, under the deck and up the bamboo post of our Japanese roof for our outdoor living room. This is now attached to the small TV that we have mounted outside so as to extend our outdoor time even more. Yes, not very "Zen like" I know, we have already been criticized for that. But when you live in Michigan and have so few summer months outside to enjoy AND your husband works in college football coaching, we wanted to maximize every minute we could outdoors! Our plans are to enjoy watching other football games outdoors after we get home from our games this fall. NOT to sit outdoors and watch reality TV! Haha!

It's really barely noticable and will be off more than on. Tommy found a great bracket that he can pop out and in easily so it's not out there all the time

see... you can barely see it!

Tommy's old college job as a landscaper is put to good use at the Hoke household! He has done a beautiful job with the bushes, etc and transplanted the giant one in the far back left of the photo from the front of our house yesterday along with a funky pine tree that got too large

Out came three giant shrubs. one that we couldn't identify but looked awful and two that he transplanted out back. We replaced them with these double knock out rose bushes that should get really large. Looks so much nicer! Next task, paint the ugly red door a different color. We are open to suggestions!

He also pulled out a large hydrangea that we had on the side of the house here (we had two and one died) and I was able to put in a mini vegetable garden. We'll see how it does. We have very little sunny space for a garden but we love summer veggies!

Last big addition this summer is the arrival of the granite firepit table for the outdoor living room! It's supposed to be here Thursday...pics to follow.

Another load of mulch coming this week and hopefully that puts us at the end of all of the spring yard and pond overhaul maintenance and we can enjoy the fruits of our labors!

Fun vacation to our condo in Belize coming up in T minus 18 days and counting!

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