Thursday, June 28, 2012

Diving and fun in paradise!

Belize is the second largest barrier reef in the world, second only to the great barrier reef in Australia. As such I believe the diving here is second to none. Tommy and I are both certified divers and I actually went on to get my Padi instructor certification many years ago. I think it's my retirement plan to live and teach here. Tommy can be my shrimp boat captain! :-)

Drew was certified a few years back and is now onto his advanced certification here during these two weeks. And the last in our family, Jennifer who just turned 12, is finishing up her Jr. Open Water certification on Friday morning! She is one dive away from being official!

She's giving the OK sign as she gets ready to do some of her skills

with Junior, her instructor

Drew's having a great time doing his favorite thing

those rotten little yellow fish kept trying to take a bite out of me!

Here we go on her first deep dive outside the reef! She did GREAT!

A couple of large nurse sharks circled around her as she was doing her skills checking her out!

Big Snapper

we saw a lot of cool things on this dive including a very relaxed big green sea turtle!

Finally, here is a very cool video of Jen demonstrating her "out of air...share air" skill with a controlled swimming ascent!

More tomorrow when Tommy gets in!!

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