Thursday, June 7, 2012

Extending our "Zen" time from spring to fall

Well it's finally here!! The centerpiece of our outdoor living room in our Zen garden, The anxiously awaited granite fire pit table! We have waited almost 7 weeks for this thing to arrive but let me tell you it was WELL worth the wait!

After sitting outdoors this past April with the sun shining and a beautiful but rather cold evening, we finally succumbed to the Michigan spring and headed indoors. Even after bundling up in sweatshirts, jeans and the like. I was really bummed out because I wanted to have some outdoor wine time with my friends but it was just too cold. I lamented to Tommy that it would really be great if we could extend our spring/summer/fall out back a month or two longer. Especially in the fall after coming home from Spartan football games there would be nothing better than sitting out back with some cocktails watching other college games. (hence the aforementioned TV that went up!)

So I had the brainstorm of the fire pit table! Let me tell you we researched the internet for quite some time and I think we looked at nearly every possible fire pit table out there. We finally headed out to our local upscale patio furniture store to see what they had to offer and found the perfect thing. Only caveat was we had to special order the one we wanted because each one is custom ordered for size, shape, color, etc.

But, after a nearly 7 week wait it is HERE! Just in time for 90 degrees on Sunday! Haha!

the delivery guys are assembling it in the front to make sure everything is there then taking it piece by piece out back

Here's the "before" pic with the glass and wicker coffee table

Holy cow! It's like it was made for this space!!

fits beautifully plus there is room to set drinks etc on the table

copper and bronze reflective glass sits in the center on top of the metal pan that conducts the propane gas

and Voila! Instant fire! This baby puts out 54,000 btu's and definitely keeps the area toasty warm

Mango was a bit freaked out!

sitting on the couch looking out at the pond and waterfall the reflection off the black granite is just beautiful!

Here's to a longer season in the Zen Garden and warm, toasty evenings of wine, warmth and football!

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