Monday, April 1, 2013

Anniversary Trip continued - last days in London and a trip through Harrods!

We spent 3 days in the English countryside, 3 days in London then took the Eurostar train from London and St Pancras station right at our hotel to Paris. I left off with our first day and a half in London, reminiscing with my trips down memory lane. The next day and a half had us pounding the pavement with all of the sights and reconnecting with some friends who live in London that we met last year on a sailing day in the Grenadines!

On Wednesday we started our day with a trip to the British Library which was right next door to our hotel. No photos allowed there but to see the actual Magna Carta among other ancient books, bibles such as the Gutenberg bible circa 1454 etc. was really cool. We then headed to see the usual sights like Westminster Abbey (planned to go in but it was £21, ouch, so we opted for the outside view), the Tower Bridge and Tower of London, Churchill War rooms (very cool) finishing up with a trip through Harrods food market and tea in the infamous Harrods tea room. Then dinner at Jamie Oliver's restaurant Barbecoa with our London friends - fantastic restaurant!!!

I believe this is outside the Churchill war rooms

You walked downstairs into the underground living quarters and saw the actual rooms where everyone lived and worked during the war

It's a very cool exhibit and we highly recommend spending a couple of hours there

Then off to the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London on a dreary rainy day

Here we are at the Tower

It was crazy seeing beautiful carvings which were actually prisoners graffiti from the long days, months, years of being locked in the Tower!

Next stop was off shopping - Jennifer put us on a "TopShop and Primark" shopping mission for her!
That was the least fun part of our trip let me tell you - especially Primark on Oxford street - think Walmart on Black Friday and you've got the picture!

after all that shopping it was time to find a nice pub for some liquid recovery and lunch!

This place was called the Three Tuns and was really really great! A very cute typical English pub inside

We tried the Tower burger I think it was called complete with fried egg on top and a cheese and branford pickle sandwich. Both YUM!

Off to Harrod's for me and their fabulous food halls, etc.!

It's impossible to describe this place...

meats. cheeses, pastries, breads, seafood, coffee, tea... the list goes on and on. If they don't have it, just ask them and they will get it for you. Anything at all!!

Afternoon tea in the tea room!

Back to the hotel for a rest before dinner

but first a trip to Platform 9 3/4 for this Harry Potter fan - King's Cross station is connected to St. Pancras where we stayed so I couldn't miss it!!

We are a huge Harry Potter fanatic family!

We couldn't leave this beautiful hotel without a photo of the grand staircase. The architecture inside the hotel is absolutely beautiful!

Dinner at Barbecoa with our friends that we met in the Grenadines - what an amazing restaurant complete with beautiful views of St. Paul's cathedral from your table!

That pretty much wraps up our 3 days in London for the most part. We walked and pounded the pavement so much we were exhausted at the end of every day! We will need a vacation from our vacation when we get home!

The final blog entry will be tomorrow when we wrap up our trip in Paris!

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