Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bathroom remodel...inching closer to completion

So here we are 5 weeks in. You know what they say about the best laid plans... nothing ever goes quite on schedule with a remodel but it's all worth it. It is really coming together, nearly done and absolutely beautiful! We are thrilled with the results!

Shower tile started going up yesterday and should be completed early next week. Put "should" in quotations because you just never know... The upside is the front room is absolutely 100% completed and beautiful!

the huge mirror is in and you can now see the layout, behind the sink area is the washer/dryer and cabinets. Pardon the mess, we have paint, tile and other stuff being stored there for the moment.

Tile started going up with a very cool accent tile that we picked out. Mario had to stop there because he didn't have the spacers he needed to continue up to the top yesterday but the tile will go to the ceiling when he comes back to finish.

almost there! The only things left on the list are to finish tiling the shower, grout, install shower doors and trim and finish painting that room and voila, we are done!

I will post before and after photos on the final blog post but I love how this has turned out and that we are maximizing every inch of space in these two rooms!

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