Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Bathroom is COMPLETE! Before and after photos!

Well we have arrived and it has been totally worth it! The bathroom is done (minus the glass shower doors that had to be measured after the tile was finished) and it is absolutely beautiful and SO MUCH more functional than the space we had before. Just to recap, we have a divided two room bathroom. The layout before the remodel was the toilet, sink and tub/shower combo in the front room of the two rooms and a door connected that room to the laundry room which was in the back room of the two rooms. Here are some before and after photos:

BEFORE: one sink/vanity area and toilet, no storage, 2 kids = YIKES!

AFTER - double sink top with huge vanity cabinet full of drawers and individual space for teenagers

another view

I took a picture of the pendant lights before the mirror was installed - I love the look!

BEFORE: fiberglass tub/shower combo unit, very small space

AFTER: We gutted this entire bathroom right down to and including the subfloors and moved everything around for privacy, functionality and space. Washer and dryer are now where the tub/shower used to be in the front room directly across from the double sink vanity. Laundry counter installed on top of them with extra tall cabinets above them.

BEFORE: This is standing in the front bathroom looking into the back room that used to be just for laundry. The paint splotch on the wall is the color we ended up using for the back room.

Standing looking through the door which moved to the left

To the right of the washer/dryer was a utility sink that we rarely used. Our storage was limited to the white wire shelf you see above.

AFTER: toilet and floor to ceiling linen cabinet and cabinets above toilet. Uber storage now!

little cubby next to the toilet and shower for extra TP, shower gel, shampoo etc.

standing in the shower looking back at the opposite wall where we have towel hooks installed. Incidentally my daughter's towel that should be on the hook is on the floor in a wad in her room... Aaaack!!!!

My OCD nature couldn't stand it... that's better!

BEFORE: the dryer in the photo is now where the toilet is and the empty space to the right is where the shower is.

AFTER: after a lot of heartburn I got the beautiful tile shower that I wanted in the first place! It was our good luck that the fiberglass shower sat on a loading dock in NC for weeks with no signs of heading north! Problem solved - tile shower! :-)

beautiful marble shelves

gorgeous accent tile - this stupid bathroom is nicer than ours now! Ugh

Glass shower doors have been ordered and that completes the remodel. I figured the photos are better without the doors in anyway to see the entire shower unobstructed.

We are absolutely thrilled with this remodel! We couldn't be happier! Our neighbor who works for Raven Enterprises did this entire design for us and I honestly don't think we changed anything from his design at all (except for splurging on the tile shower...). Right down to little things that I don't have an eye for like the pendant lights and the laundry counter, really enhanced this bathroom/laundry room combo. We have utilized nearly every square foot of space between these two rooms and the kids have privacy for shower and toilet while someone else uses the laundry and sink area in the front room.


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