Friday, April 5, 2013

Bathroom remodel update 3 - the final stretch

So we are SO close to having this bathroom completed. It's really coming along beautifully and I have to say, aside from the small glitches here and there it's been relatively smooth. The biggest challenge for me has been sharing our bathroom with a 12 year old girl who is all about her hair at the moment and not having laundry facilities for a month. Yikes! Thanks to some great neighbors we have had laundry services down the street but it's really not the same as having it down the hallway. The washer and dryer are scheduled to be reinstalled finally! Yay!!!  I feel as though I have weeks of steaming laundry piling up so we are ready to have that convenience again. Cabinets, tile floor and double marble sink are all in and hopefully the final electric and plumbing will be for the most part completed this week with toilet, faucets, pendant lights and hookups. Towel bars, hooks etc tomorrow and then the shower...the one point of consternation in this whole process. The story being I ended up settling on a fiberglass shower insert from Sterling/Kohler instead of the tile shower that I REALLY wanted due to excess $$$$. I really had to talk myself into it but we also needed to get the bathroom remodel cost to a place that we could live with and the tile shower wasn't in the budget. Suffice it to say, the fiberglass shower walls are still sitting in North Carolina with no date on the schedule as to when they might be shipped north. Very frustrating. Been sitting there for weeks. So after tweaking some numbers again and using the tile that we got a GREAT deal on at Home Depot the tile shower is back ON! Yippee! Hopefully next week will see the final completion of the project and my final blog post on the bathroom. But for the latest update I'll post some pics.

Cabinets and sink top going in. One small problem, cabinets and vanity top are 50" wide with a space of only 49 1/2" to fit in! Yikes! Some creative finagling and Jeff got them in! Maybe a bit of paint touch up from us this weekend is in the plan however...

very tall linen cabinet and more cabinets for above the toilet go in the back shower/toilet room

The cabinets next to my added in little cubby shelf and shower that I hope will be installed sometime in 2013!!

Sinktop is just waiting to be hooked up with faucets and side splashes. Also drawer pulls but those will go on later this week I think. There will be a huge mirror for previously mentioned 12 year old daughter's hair and 3 very cool pendant lights installed next.

There's that lonely shower again...

VERY tall cabinets above where the washer/dryer will be in the front room along with an installed laundry counter above them.


I started this post earlier in the week and decided to wait until today to add in the last touches. We are really really close to being complete. Washer/Dryer and laundry counter are IN! Yay! One small glitch, electric outlets on the left side were installed too low and the side splash won't fit. Going to have to move the outlets up.

beautiful pendant lights are installed as well as sink and faucets. Giant wall to wall Mirror next week

washer and dryer with laundry counter installed above. See the missing side splash and too low outlets to the left?!

Toilet is in. This view is taken from the front room which has the washer/dryer and double sink looking into the back room which is toilet/shower room. Much more functional for teenage bathroom sharing!

There's that dang shower again waiting for TILE!!

It will be a nice large shower and an extra tall shower head for one 6'3" 15 yr old boy!

view of the toilet/shower room from the shower

So we are nearly there. Tommy will touch up paint this weekend, the guys will come back next week and put the mirror in and the pulls on the cabinets and the best part...

Mario will be here to tile the shower late next week! yay! Next post will be the finished product with before and after photos.

It is a beautiful and very functional space now and we are using every bit of the space now which is great!


  1. Your bathroom looks like it's almost ready! Anyway, I just saw the before and after photos. The transformation is really great! It’s definitely worth the wait, if you could have beautiful bathroom like that afterwards. Cheers!

    Martha Ward @ Son-Rise Plumbing

  2. The remodel turned out great! Anyway, I’m worried about the outlet that was installed too low on the sink. I hope you tried to adjust it later on. It would be dangerous if it got wet when someone is using the sink. Anyway, thank you for sharing these updates! Keep us posted!

    Steve Beliveau @ First Class Inspections

  3. Your bathroom remodel looks great! You sure did a lot of work to achieve that good-looking bathroom. I also want to congratulate you, because your washer and dryer were finally reinstalled. You did a really great job, Rachel! I hope to see more pictures of those updates soon. Good day!

    Homer Collins @ Pinnacle Renovations