Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bathroom Remodel Update

Well I figured I would take a quick break from blogging our trip to do a bathroom remodel update. I had forgotten honestly how miserable it is to live in a house that is being remodeled. I think it's like childbirth, the mind has a way of erasing the unpleasantness of the process so that you only think of how happy you are with the end result that you're willing to do it again! Someone please remind me of this when I start talking about remodeling the kitchen PLEASE!!!

All in all this has gone relatively smoothly. (I hope I didn't just jinx us...). Our neighbor is our contractor which is really helpful and convenient. He may feel otherwise...haha! We've just finished week 3 of what we hope to be 4 weeks to completion. I think we are pretty close to being on schedule, just a slight snag with the shower unit being backordered. I had to be picky and choose a non-stocked color! Ugh!

So here we are moving all of the plumbing around. The new washer/dryer hookups are in the wall as they should have been in the first place, nice to have it properly done this time. This is where the old tub/shower unit was.

When they framed in the shower area in the back room, I saw an opportunity for more storage in the space to the left!! So I had two shelves framed in!

Shower area with my little shelves in the funky framed in box to the left

cabinets, vanity top, tile and everything else is all waiting in the garage

There's my little cubby! Toilet paper, shampoo, shower gel and everything else a teenager needs but is too lazy to actually open a cabinet to get will go here on these little bonus shelves!

Mario is putting the new tile in...

And this weekend is our turn. Drywall is mostly all up, tile is down and grouted and we are painting in here as much as we can before cabinets go in on Monday. (she says hopefully...)

tile floor looks great!

Painting this weekend and hopefully the finishing touches of everything will happen next week. Cabinet installation, vanity, shower, washer/dryer (please God let the washer/dryer happen) pendant lights, towel bars, the works!

Painting is done! The back room which is now the toilet and shower room is a color called chocolate truffle!

The front room is a lighter more mocha latte color for a bit of contrast but not being too dark.

I will post the grand finale next week! (she says hopefully...) :-)

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