Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bathroom Remodel project

So we are in the throes of remodeling the kids bathroom and believe me, living through a remodeling project in the house is always a challenge! We had our first MAJOR remodel right before we got married with a huge addition onto the house in the living room, adding a bar area and a large office/sitting area off our bedroom. I remember at one point leaning up against my fiancé (now husband) and just crying that I wanted it to be over! Ha! Living in drywall dust with circular saws, tools etc. day in and day out can be challenging. It was all worth it though as the addition is absolutely beautiful. Fortunately, the biggest challenge with this remodel is sharing a bathroom with a nearly 13 year old daughter who feels the need to come into our room at 5:40 am to do her hair before school. OH how I'm counting the days until this project is complete!!

So the current bathroom layout that 2 teenagers shared included a small, one person vanity with almost no storage

shower/tub combo

the bathroom is divided into two rooms separated by a door. The front room was the toilet, sink and shower/tub combo. The back room was a dedicated laundry room with a utility sink. The paint on the wall is a sample of what we are looking at for the remodel.

washer/dryer utility sink and a crappy wire shelf above. This house has absolutely no linen cabinet at all which will be rectified with the remodel

another view of toilet sink with shower behind me

and the tear out...

because we are moving everything around they had to take out the tile,
  tear up the subfloor and remove a lot of the walls. Plumbing etc. is all getting rearranged, moving laundry to the front room and shower/toilet to the back for privacy.

living in a mess every day is a challenge for this OCD neat freak!!

hookups for the double sink/vanity where the single sink and toilet used to be. I hope this cuts down on teenage arguing... well one can hope anyway! 

the back room. The door is moving to the left as well.

new washer/dryer hookups in front room where the shower/tub used to be

and the new door entrance to the back room, now shifted to the left. Cherry cabinets, toilet and free standing shower (no tub since we have teenagers) will all go back here.

So we are still finishing up framing of the back room for the shower, etc. and the plumber still has a bit left to do. Electricians were here all day yesterday. Inspections tomorrow then drywall and tile next week. I will update as we progress!!

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  1. Your teens must be really thankful for this renovation. :) It's quite crowded and really needed some serious arrangement modifications. I think it would also be comforting if you would install a cupboard above the toilet for emergency kit. It wouldn't cause any crowding anyway. :)