Sunday, March 24, 2013

England Day 2 - Warwick castle

So we stayed with our friends Sharon and Kevin at their place in Longbridge near Birmingham. We tried to shake off our jet lag but sadly NO COFFEE in the morning for most Brits. I had to make due with tea and believe me, it didn't cut it for this coffee addict. Suffice it to say, as soon as we headed out for the day to visit Warwick castle and we entered the place, I smelled coffee brewing and I was like a starving dog running to a giant piece of meat! Coffee...nirvana...ahhhhh. What fun visiting Warwick castle, even the "Disney-esque" theatrics in the dungeon were pretty entertaining.

Beautiful town of Warwick with the cathedral in the background

Taken from inside the castle up above

Amazing history that we just don't have here in the US

the river alongside the castle

Original armor inside the castle

hand carved wood buffet

of course you have to have the touristy theatrics!

Tommy captioned this photo "Bring out your dead!" ala Monty Python!

here are more of the theatrics I mentioned!

Kevin playing cards with a gent in the game room

yeah right! haha!

We finished off a great day or sightseeing with a fantastic Sunday dinner at Toby Carvery in Lickey End, UK. Yes that's actually the name of the town! I wish I had taken a pic of our giant heaped plates full of YUM but it seems to be an English tradition for a big Sunday dinner with 3 different kinds of carved meats, yorkshire pudding and all of the fixings all topped with loads and loads of gravy! Heart attack on a platter! haha! But really delicious and what we needed to top off a fun filled day.

We had plans to go back home and head out to a pub but we all just crashed back at the house over wine, lager and fun catching up with friends! 

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