Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 3 - Shakespeare's town and pub night!

We headed out to Stratford upon Avon, Shakespeare's hometown, for a third and final day in the English countryside with our friends Sharon and Kevin. What a cute little village this is and we are so glad that we headed here for the day!

the day started off fabulously with Kevin toiling away in the kitchen making a full English breakfast which was FANTASTIC! 

Lord knows we wouldn't want our alcohol titers to drop so Sharon breaks out the Buck's fizz! (mimosas here in the US)

Poached eggs, ham, sausage, black pudding (YUM) toast, stewed tomatoes, baked beans...

so we spotted a pretty interesting vehicle on our way...


the cute town of Stratford

Hmmm - we may have visited this pub later in the day...

Shakespeare's house! How cool!

It was a nice day so we took an open top bus tour around the village which was great

Gotta have the photo in the red telephone booth right?!

So this pub was established in the 1400's if you can imagine! Great pub with great history! More photos later during our visit there (you didn't think we wouldn't go in did you?!!)

Forgot what house this was but it's OLD!

inside the Garrick

well I had to make sure the ale was drinkable didn't I?

After a fun day in Stratford we headed to Birmingham to visit a CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) pub where there were 16 different ales on tap. Tommy and Kevin were determined to get through the entire menu which they did! Thankfully we took the train in from Longbridge so we were responsible drinkers!

By the looks on his face I'd say he's about halfway through the menu!

One of the cool things about this pub is you can bring in your own food. Poor Sharon shlepped a giant bag with bread, a cheeseboard and some egg and sausage leftover from breakfast (just to annoy Kevin who doesn't do leftovers!)

well guess what... I do leftovers and was pretty happy to have that egg on bread to soak up the wine/beer/lager/ale/you name it!

We then headed next door to a pub that looked like it had been either a library or museum. I can't recall but think it may have been an old courthouse. (yes that was after way too many pubs that day...)

beautiful inside

this lovely bar towel now resides in our bar at our home in Michigan (No he didn't nick it, it was a gift from the bartender for the visiting Yanks!)

What a fun 3 days in the country with friends!

Off to London tomorrow as the adventure continues!

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