Monday, October 25, 2010

Trip to Northwestern

Well it was a nail biter but fortunately we came out on top once again with a 35-27 win over Northwestern! Don't let the score fool you - it was much closer than that and a scary one. They are a very tricky and fast team and Dan Persa is an absolutely amazing quarterback! That kid will do very very well in his college career. But my Spartans have great heart and they came back out in the 2nd half with a vengeance and would not be denied the win! I have great hopes that they can continue on this course and we might just find ourselves in Pasadena on New Year's day! (don't want to jinx it though so one Saturday at a time...)

stopping at the stadium on Friday afternoon for the team walkthru

ESPN is here and getting things ready

Tommy is working out and stretching some of the guys

Gameday! My friends Chet and Katie came as my guests! It was Katie's first college football game and she certainly got an exciting one!

It was raining when we went in - I looked like a giant green trash can with all my rain gear on including the big green plastic poncho that had been removed for this pic

3rd quarter and we've come back from a 17-0 deficit

Sparty never gave up on the team! He knew they'd come back and get the W!

final score in the background and Chet and Katie breathe a sigh of relief that they brought GOOD KARMA to their first Spartan game!

Whew! Make that 8-0 now and soon to be ranked #5 Nationally!

the team celebrates with their fans post game

LOOK! The sun came out and shined on the Spartans for the entire second half of the game! Must be an omen...

The smiles on the faces of a few of the Coaches wives say it all! Another win for the Spartans and 8-0! Let's keep it going!!

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  1. Hey Rachel, how do we get out pictures on your blog?
    Had a great time, thanks for being such a nice hostess. Can Jen and I send a letter of appreciation to someone? Everyone was so nice, we really felt welcome and had a great time. I wish I wasn't such a wuss... my biggest thrill of the weekend was meeting Georgel Blaha on the bus to the game and I didn't have the guts to ask for a picture. Gabby is going to be a ballgirl at a Pistons game this year, maybe I'll see him again.