Sunday, December 26, 2010

Capital One Bowl week - Orlando!

Well it's been awhile since I've updated and a LOT has happened! Let's see... to start my fabulous football team finished 11-1 and are Big ten Champions! They have broken so many records it's hard to remember! Most wins of any MSU football team, won ALL of their home games, first time winning in Happy Valley against Penn St since the 60's I think...and many many more. When we beat Bama and finish 12-1 it will be a capper to a tremendous season!

We arrived yesterday, Christmas Day in Orlando. Took a HUGE jet chartered for the team and got off in orlando to awaiting buses and a full police escort to the hotel. Traveling like the President! HAHA!

Nice Welcome to the Hotel!

Then it was back to work for Coach Hoke who finally had a few days off before Christmas to relax. Back to work on Christmas Day, team meeting and then bed check.

This morning's big event was Jennifer as honorary "duckmaster" for the Peabody ducks!

If you can believe it the Official Duckmaster is named Donald!

The ducks have a $100,000 penthouse to themselves and their own elevator!

getting ready to get the ducks

here they come!

people all crowded and elbowed to see them as soon as we got off the elevator so hard to get any pics

Time for Mom to take a nap before this evenings festivities and we are off to Disney with the team tomorrow. Stay tuned for more blogging this week!

hope I have enough energy for "excessive celebration"!

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