Friday, October 8, 2010

Mango Hoke

Well I figured I should give an update on the youngest of our "children" - Mango. The baby we brought home from Belize. She is doing very very well and is a happy little puppy although not so "little" anymore. She tipped the scales at 28 pounds the other day - a lot considering she was a mere 5 pounds when we brought her home with us! Here's a shot of her when we brought her home...

little baby - this was when she was in the shelter and Jen was working us over to take her home

testing out the FAA approved carrier

getting to know my new brothers...

not putting up with any crap!

hanging out with Dad

there she is traipsing around the pond...

we installed a doggie door thinking it would make our lives easier...

but THIS is what I came home to most afternoons!! Somebody had been rooting around the pond and digging up pond plants and bringing them happily in the house to chew up on the couch! I wonder who it could be???

So now we cover the couch with a couple of duvet covers when we leave! We are one step away from putting plastic on the couch and becoming The Castanza's!

Hard to get mad at THAT face! Although Dewey was none too pleased that she pinched his chewy - note the TWO bones shoved in her mouth! She is definitely an island dog!

Murph heading out the doggie door

the culprit near the scene of the crime!

who me???

Murph is chillin out back on the deck enjoying one of the last days of an Indian Summer!

Curled up with her "Woobie". How can that sweet face be such a devil?!!

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  1. Looooove the pictures!!! Keep the doggies comming!