Thursday, July 1, 2010

SAGA and Chicken drop Wednesdays

Well we're on day 5 plus of our 3 week adventure here. The girls, Jen and Maddie, have been going to the Humane Society every day to volunteer. They've loved on the kittens, pulled ticks off of puppies and bathed them and walked the older dogs in Fort Dog. Jen is working us hard to bring an island dog home and Maddie has apparently already succeeded in convincing her mother. The question is... how much can Tommy Hoke resist the constant daily pleading from a 10 year old girl? I'll tell you this much, she's wearing ME down! Then yesterday and today were wonderful chill days by the pool followed by a beach barbecue on our front patio then hopping in the golf cart and heading out to the Pier for the World Famous Chicken Drop! You bet a Belizean dollar on a square or several squares and if you're lucky enough to have the chicken relieve itself on your square you win a hundred bucks! We didn't win but we won drinks which was cool enough. All of the kids have been collecting about a zillion hermit crabs on the beach but I've discovered that Belizean hermit crabs are not nearly as pleasant as North Carolina hermit crabs. The Belizean crabs PINCH! Anyway, onto more adventures tomorrow. All day catamaran cruise and snorkel to Caye Caulker weather permitting.

Wild Mango's for dinner

Jen and Maddie love on the kitties at the Humane Society

the girls are all ready for the chicken drop!

first ya gotta shake the chicken around and around...

then you have to blow on it's butt! Drew was the honorary butt blower

then drop it in the pen

whatever number it poops on is the big winner of $100 Belize!!

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