Tuesday, June 29, 2010

continued antics on La Isla Bonita

Well it's been an odd weekend indeed but having a great time on our favorite little island. From Tropical Storm Alex to some crazy times on the island it has certainly been eventful! The English all decided to drown their sorrows from their world cup loss on Sunday while the Scots rejoiced since their favorite team won - Anybody but England! I am noticing how quiet the island is in June/July. Had a tough time trying to find a decent place to eat impromptu last night. Our favorite hang Wild Mango's was booked up and the service was either slow or non-existant everywhere else. We ate at a local roadside haunt on middle street. Giant lobster burrito for $13 US chuck FULL of lobster! Not bad! We tried diving yesterday but the silt and the current from the storm made it really unpleasant. All in all a disappointing island day is still a million times better than a great day at work in my opinion!

one is happy and one is not. Can you identify the Englishman and the Scot?

Drew was the pack mule of the day with all of our dive gear!

limo service island style! Pick up in front of the condo

Laurie and the kids try Discover Scuba while Drew and I go out diving

Drew is happy happy happy

bigass barracuda


big spotted eagle ray on our first dive of the trip!

kids are buying their zillionth piece of jewelry

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  1. Man that camera takes some good pictures!!!