Monday, July 12, 2010

2 weeks down one to go...

Well we've been on our island paradise for exactly 17 days now. Tommy got here a week ago Friday and it's been non-stop ever since. Starting with the FAB (Furry Animal Ball), daily trips to SAGA to help with the animals and to walk the dogs in Fort Dog, diving and general fun and relaxation. He left on the 9 am Tropic flight this morning and we've all been pretty blue today. Add to it a tropical storm and even the island is sad to see him go. We have less than a week left here and will be coming home with one more family member - a cutie little island "potlicker" puppy that Jen managed to convince us to bring into the family. Not without much turmoil and heavy thinking about how she would integrate with the already established family of 2 dogs and a cat. God help us 3 dogs - not sure what we're thinking but it's too late now.  She's already a Hoke. Mango Hoke to be exact! More later as the week progresses.

kids at Saga working us over hard for this little face

Yay!!! Tommy arrives on Tropic Air for 9 days

Furry Animal Ball with my 2 favorite men in skirts!

Family photo op

at Tacklebox for 4th of July party

I could get used to driving a golf cart versus a car (except when it rains)

Drew's birthday barbeque party

Drew is chillin at the dive shop waiting to go out

Uh oh... Hoke looks like he's caving!!

Here come the Best's off their Tropic flight!

the Hoke family transport

how they roll in San Pedro! This is the San Pedro "Dog whisperer" and his pupils for the morning walk on the beach!

new laptop for Saga courtesy of a wonderful Friend of the Humane Society, Mark Nelson!

Hmmmm - still deciding but how can we say no to this face???

Oh yeah - the Best's brought an FAA approved carrier down with them from Michigan. I guess she's a Hoke now! Wonder if she'll remember he brief life as an island dog...

The Fat daddy version of "Chicken"
Chicken on Steroids!

Drew completes one of the tasks on his shirt - 
"Climb tall coconut trees"

fun times at Lime

Lobsterfest rescheduled at Caye Caulker due to Tropical Storm Alex - lucky us!!

getting smoothies and a Mango Mojito!

Alert the media!!!! Tommy Hoke is eating and liking lobster now!!!

all worn out after a long day

sweet little face. Mango Hoke is now official!

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