Sunday, June 27, 2010

Belize 2010 and sabbatical

Well it's finally here! My sabbatical I've been waiting almost 7 years for! Starting it out with 3 weeks in Belize but nobody told us it was the start of the hurricane season when I booked it. We were welcomed here by Tropical Storm Alex and not a scrap of sunshine. Had our first full out Tropical storm with the locals boarding up windows and buying flashlights and ice. Lucky us - we are in our beautiful condo development at Grand Colony complete with a generator. We fared just fine. Power went out and was resumed within 5 minutes so the party could continue without interruption!

So we started out completely dry when we left the condo and by the time we made it to Lime we could have entered in a wet t shirt contest!!

Alex poses as Tropical Storm Alex arrives

Everyone is soaked on the golf cart

Laurie and Wade at Lime

Sharon lives a charmed life and as such is dry as a bone!

Tropical Storm Alex on it's way

Drew watching it come in

Jen posing

I woke up this morning and looked outside and saw coconuts falling from a tree and Drew catching them! Then I discovered a monkey in the tree

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