Monday, June 2, 2014

Kitchen Remodel COMPLETE!

Well I should say "almost" complete since the pendant lights that I ordered in March still have not arrived. Ugh. I think a little 112 year old man somewhere in Italy is hand blowing each one of them! We have tried to convince ourselves that other options were as good but finally just gave up and decided to wait it out for the ones that we really want. I will attach a pic of them at the end and you decide!

So I will start with a pic of the bay window that I thought might never get installed!
It was absolutely worth the wait! It has really opened up the kitchen area like you can't even imagine!

My potted herbs are in the window so I can get fresh cilantro, oregano, basil, chives 
and dill whenever I need some for a recipe

After the painter did such an amazing job matching our faux paint in the kitchen we decided to hire her to paint the dining room. She suggested a Venetian plaster look and that's what we did. It's amazing! Brick red with texture and a tobacco stain over the top! It's made a huge difference in there!
Lynette Flowers from Painted Expressions!

one other awesome thing she did - painted the outlets to match the tile!

they practically disappear!

and did the ones in the dining room as well

The final steps of the kitchen were small ones but the biggest besides the bay window was the custom cherry built in locker/bench by the garage that you see in the corner

Lynette also painted the door to the garage to match the cherry!
It's amazing!

It looks like a solid wood door! Mike built the housing for the TV and used the remainder of
our bamboo slab from our butcher block for the bench top! Shoes have a place to go rather than
scattered all over my rug to trip over as you come in. On the left a small shelf and
coat hooks will be installed, had to order the hooks to match our other fixtures.

The beautiful bench top

We are finally done!

I'm a great cook but not much of a baker as evidenced by the lopsided birthday cake that I made for Tommy. At least it was delicious! :-)

The corner bench blends in beautifully with the rest of the kitchen and just completes it

We have lots of space for seating and entertaining while cooking

this is a view from in front of the bench area to the dining room

You can really see the texturing in the photos here

Tommy finally has his "bar fridge" back to himself and stocked with essentials
like BEER and mixers!

dining room/bar looking back towards the kitchen and bench area

nice big space fully utilized

Here is a pic of the ever elusive pendants that we really hope will show up eventually...

We are SO happy with the outcome!!! It was worth all of the waiting and sometimes aggravation!
Happy cooking!


  1. Can't wait for dinner!
    Chris Hoke

  2. Get on up here Chris and I'll cook you something fabulous! :-)