Sunday, May 11, 2014

Kitchen Remodel weeks 3 and 4 and hopefully this is the 2nd to last post!

So as with any home improvement project, there have been delays and days with absolutely nothing happening around here which is why this post is 2 weeks in the making versus my usual weekly update. Week 3 showed little to no progress other than the range going in which was a wonderful thing in and of itself! That Wolf dual fuel range is absolutely the BOMB! I think food might actually cook itself on this thing!

this range is my dream range! Oven and a half with 4 gas burners and a French cooktop!
The french cooktop is in the center and is another form of burner. In the center
it has a very high heat and you can boil anything or use a big stockpot there.
As the circles in the middle go outward from the center you can place pans there to simmer.
So it's essentially like having another 4-5 burner on the range!

Fabulous new custom order counter and bar stools arrived! Love these chairs from Arhaus!
Solid handmade cherry and match the rest of our cabinets and flooring beautifully!

New light fixture installed in the dining room

legs stained and the rest of the island installed for the countertops 
You can see where the sun has bleached the cherry flooring and where our carpet used to be
BIG line from dark wood to lighter color wood which is how it looked when we installed it

One of the bigger pains for these guys in this entire project was trying to find the same
Brazilian cherry flooring that we had installed 8 years ago. Not an easy task.
They finally found some in Canada and patched in the flooring
in front of and under the range. The thing I like most about the cherry is that no two pieces are alike
and there is a lot of color variation in the floor which is pretty cool.

Final installation of the fabulous Kitchenaid microwave/convection oven

there will be a drawer for vitamins and other things like that at the end of the island here

One of the more tedious tasks was to remove the grout from the existing tile backsplash. We decided to continue the tumbled marble tile all the way flush with the countertop rather than having a granite backsplash. Easier said than done...

This was the day I've been dreading... kitchen sink comes out along with the countertops!
No sink or dishwasher for at least a day, possibly two. Waaaaah!!!
(Friday update: make that two...ugh!)

we are getting closer!!

I absolutely can't wait to see these countertops when they go in!!

Hole in wall by the garage door is all patched and waiting for it's beautiful custom built-in
locker and bench area!

It's supposed to be 84 degrees today... here's hoping that ever elusive bay window FINALLY gets installed! (I'm not placing any bets on that one...)
(Friday update: no window in sight dangit...)


SO happy with our choice!

The final "Behemoth" as the guys called it. Weighs over 800 pounds. Better them than me!

It went right here! Took them a bit to hoist that thing up there but it's not going anywhere now!

HUGE island! About 18 1/2 feet in total!
I guess I'm finally getting that counter space I've always wanted!

Looks beautiful!

look at the wall by the garage door! The decorative painter came 
and matched our faux painting perfectly!

Huge island and huge bar area seen behind it in the dining room. 
I guess we have the ultimate party house now!

next week the cherry built-in bench and locker area gets installed


tile is installed and a perfect match which was challenging as the original tile
was also as difficult to find as the hardwood floor! But my fabulous kitchen designer
from McDaniels found it!

And I have a working faucet and water! More importantly the dishwasher
is hooked up again and choked on 2 days worth of dishes in this house!

Yippee!! My beautiful Simplex Copper kettle arrived
just in time to be installed on my range top as I unpacked the kitchen!
If it's good enough for the Queen it's good enough for me! :-)

I should have taken a pic when Jen and Drew had the horn section over for pizza night
after their rehearsal for the Pops concert next week. But the island was broken in properly with a bunch of teenagers on Friday night!

Great seating for everyone except for one small problem...
the valance under the counter is WAY too long and you can barely squeeze your legs
underneath when sitting down. Working out the solution next week...

the remains of pizza night! I should have taken pics of the fabulous pizzas I turned out
but believe me when I tell you they were fantastic!

Next week is the FINAL week!
Let's hope we see installation of a Bay window, installation of a bench and locker area,
final touch ups and solution of the counter valance and the installation of 
my second choice pendant lights. The ones I ordered over 2 months ago
seemed never to have been made so I had to settle for a different pendant.
Hopefully we like it as well.

Kitchen grand opening party in 3 weeks! We will give it a proper break in then!

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