Monday, October 17, 2011


It's rivalry week and of course that means our annual matchup Michigan State vs Michigan game. The guys came out rocking brand new, one game only Nike Pro Combat uniforms just for the Michigan game! They looked fantastic and I'm happy to say that the guys played great in em! The end result, 28-14 Michigan State wins! A clean sweep and 4 in a row for the Seniors! Next week is BIG, BAD Wisconsin and a night game to boot. Should be a grudge match as I'm certain Wisconsin is still stinging from their last loss...last year in Spartan Stadium! Hope we can make it a repeat!

Making an entrance in those sweet Pro Combat unis!

Props and credit to the team photographer who took these amazing pics... Matt Mitchell I think?
If not my apologies to the amazing photographer who took these.

it's a rough day for Shoelace

Oops not again...


I invited my work colleague Tony and his friend Dan. They come to every Michigan game with me and have been our good luck mojo!

Team rushes to the student section post-game to sing the fight song

A beautiful sight - 28-14

Jean, Drew, Jen and me feeling pretty happy!

carrying the Paul Bunyan trophy back to it's rightful place in the Spartan Football building!

catching up post game with some of my favorite former players, Otis Wiley, 
Javon Ringer and Mark Dell

Even Zeke the Wonder Dog was rockin the Pro Combat jersey!

Jen poses with Zeke (who's real name is Beaucoup!)

Jen and I pose with Paul (we're on a first name basis now) as the equipment managers bring him home for another year. He's gotten very comfortable here and has no intention of moving!

Onto next week versus Wisconsin!


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