Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My first stab at real Indian cooking!

So I've been in a "food rut" of late. It gets hard after awhile trying to please everyone while at the same time trying to figure out something creative that a 14 year old and an 11 year old will eat as well as a husband who is not that adventurous when it comes to ethnic cuisine. No one around here has been big fans of Indian food (which I am) but I thought to myself..."Tandoori Chicken is pretty tame - maybe I should give that a go". So I did. My sister and brother in law make all sorts of interesting meals and I decided it's time that the Hokes branch out a bit. I used a nice Greek yogurt and despite having two pretty decent looking recipes for Tandoori chicken, my brother in law convinced me to use a ready made Tandoori paste. It was pretty good actually but next time I'm going to try it from scratch. I will say though that for the Mom trying to run kids to football and other activities and doesn't need to spend inordinate amounts of time in the kitchen, this is the way to go. Mix the Tandoori paste with a nice full Greek yogurt, cover the skinless chicken pieces with the marinade and marinade it over night. When you take it out it will look like this:

the recipe said to press out the excess marinade but I am always one of the concept "more is better". In this case I was wrong. Too much remaining marinade on the chicken makes it gloppy and it doesn't roast as well so shake off the excess! Place the chicken on a rack for roasting, spray or brush with some olive oil and roast in a 450 degree over for about 30 minutes, turning it once.

After turning it you can toss some onions on top to roast with it. The chicken will come out like this!

Don't forget the Indian Raita Yogurt sauce - very easy to make with your extra greek yogurt and some cucumber, cumin and cilantro or mint - whichever you prefer. I served this all with a nice brown Jasmine rice.

Et Voila! Fabulous and healthy meal! The entire - and I mean ENTIRE family gave it 2 thumbs up! What will be the next interesting dish to add something different to the menu...? I'm all ears and open to suggestions!

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