Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sunny Saturdays at the Dog Park!

Well the sun is finally shining around these parts again despite the fact that it is still BRRRRRRRR cold! It was a high of 30 degrees today when we loaded up the 3 mongrels in Tommy's truck and headed to the Soldan Dog Park in Lansing. But they didn't care one little bit!

they are immediately off and running!

staying close to Dad though...

meeting new friends

Murphy clung to our legs for about half an hour until his "scaredy cat" side subsided

Dewey found some little dogs - he discovered there are actually dogs smaller than him and was very happy about it!

Everybody ran and played with new dog friends for over an hour. Great times - can't wait for next Saturday!

Three exhausted dogs... that spells "Great Day"!

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