Saturday, March 19, 2011

Backyard Spring Cleanup!

Well after a lot of griping that that stupid groundhog Punxatawny Phil was wrong about an early spring, we both concluded that this was the absolute earliest we have ever been able to do a spring cleanup in the backyard! March 19th and we raked up the last of the leaves from fall, removed all of the dog poop that the kids missed on their daily pooper scooper duties over the winter and put bacteria and salt in the pond to start working on all of the string algae that had grown up during the winter.

all 7 fish survived the winter under the ice and wagged their tails with a happy spring greeting for us!

Mango has spring fever too!

Tommy is hard at work bagging the rest of the leaves that we raked

first fire in the firepit for 2011! Burning up some brush that's been there since fall

Hazel chillin in the sunshine

Mango guards the garden gnome 

Stay tuned for progress on getting the pond and waterfall back up and running along with the Zen garden. We are hoping to have the Zen paradise up and running by end of April - just in time for the spring game on April 30th!

Tomorrow is Tommy's day for "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance". He is jonesin to get the bike out on the road!

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