Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Wrong guy...

Well we had a well fed big ol raccoon this morning in the trap. He's no worse for wear. He was sound asleep curled up waiting for his relocation project to his new digs at the beautiful Rose Lake wildlife preserve. He ate all of the tuna as well as the dead starling that Jeff had put in the trap and was curled up sleeping like a baby. I have to say he's pretty darn cute and just looked at us curiously as Jeff carted him off to his new home. He can join 5 other raccoons from the hood that Jeff has relocated there! I am pretty darn sure however he's not our "koi kulprit". I'm going to make a few phone calls to the local landscapers today and see if they have any ideas on baiting for our elusive mink. Along that line I may reload the pond with a few of the fancy type goldfish in hopes that brings them out. Onto Phase two...

Here's our little bugger checking out the trap

OOPS! Trapped now! Check out his arm reaching out to the fence.

Get me outta here!!

The morning after...

Even Murphy was checking him out


  1. Great editorial baby! Don't be so easy on him. He (or she) could be the one that I saw prowling before xmas...so you never know about guilt!!!!

  2. Whattya mean guilt? Does a raccoon feel guilt?