Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Belize Spring Break Fun! The last days of a great vacation!

Well all good things eventually must come to an end and our fabulous vacation was no exception. What a fantastic, fun and adventure filled week we had! Can't beat a vacation that starts out at an amazing Eco lodge in the jungle followed by cave tubing and zip lining and ending with scuba diving that included an up close and personal experience with dolphins! Well one of us got that experience while the rest of us got massages on the beach. Choices...

Early morning view from the patio of our beautiful condo at Grand Colony island villas.
We own the timeshare here and come back almost every year and love it!

Heading to the dive shop for Jenny's last check out dives for her certification. Molly is just a day behind her. New Saga puppy Oliver enjoys some fun golf cart time before heading to the US and Michigan!

Heading out on the dive boat! 3 scuba divas!

Kris, Jenny and Oliver stay back while we are diving and hold down the beach chairs for us! :-)

We decided to grab lunch at our favorite restaurant and my Saga pups namesake Wild Mango's!
This restaurant NEVER disappoints! A must stop on every trip for us.

Off we go on our dives!

This is Molly's last checkout dive for her certification! Look out for the shark Molly!!

He's right below you Molly!!

I think I'm saying "Molly! Swim THIS way!!!" Haha!

Apparently she doesn't have enough meat on her bones and he's off looking for something tastier.

Got a great pic of all of us after the girls finished their Padi certification and Drew is now an official Padi Rescue Diver! He is now starting on his DiveMaster certification which is awesome!

We celebrated all of the kids diving success at Roadkill Bar for Wade's famous Gringo burgers!
They are famous and delicious so don't miss them if you travel here!

It has really been an amazing trip with great fun and great friends! I hope we can all do it again someday soon!

Our final pic is after we got home taken yesterday in my backyard. Two Belizean island dogs from the same fantastic place, Saga Humane Society are now neighbors and friends!

If you travel to Belize and fall in love with an island dog, please know how absolutely EASY it is to take one home! No major hassles or quarantines whatsoever. Just a health certificate, a crate, an airline ticket and a lifetime of love!

Bye for now Belize! See you next year in March!!

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