Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baby it's cold outside...

Well last weekend's road trip to Northwestern officially ended our regular season for football. It was cold and rainy and let me tell you THIS girl is very happy that the B1G championship game this weekend is indoors!!! My niece Laura was here for Thanksgiving break from her freshman year at UNC Chapel Hill. It was great having her and she appreciated going to a "real" football game! Sorry Carolina fans...

Just arrived at the stadium in time for the rain. Here with my good friend Katie Schoenwolf, Laura, Jen and Drew

me with my great friend Chet Tetta (former National Sales director at Genentech and now in the same role at Celgene), his main squeeze Katie, Drew and Jen


in front of Spartan Football truck. Can you tell that my only Spartan rain gear belongs to my hubby? i.e. XXL hahaha! I think I have 3 layers on underneath and was still freezing!

post game after the great win!

there's Coach Hoke

then we came home and this is what we woke up to yesterday!!

8 inches of snow! It was beautiful and the kids had their first snow day!

Murphy is less than thrilled however when trying to find a place to go to the bathroom. Corgis and short legs and deep snow do not mix...

Off to the B1GFCG in Indianapolis this weekend! Despite being a 10 point underdog and not ONE SINGLE sports pundit has picked us to win.... I believe we will come home victorious with a championship trophy and a trip to Pasadena! Here's hoping anyway...

Stay tuned and as always...


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