Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nature's beauty...found right in our backyard!

I don't fancy myself as much of an Audubon Society type, despite being dragged on a birding expedition with my friend Nancy in Belize in search of the ever elusive Jabiru Stork! But you have to be blind not to recognize and appreciate those rare and beautiful birds that happen upon our backyard. I have only ever seen one Indigo Bunting before and it was in a tree way far off in the distance. But you can't miss that brilliant blue bird! And guess what? It has decided to take up residence in my backyard! It has come back nearly every day for almost a week now! I have no idea what it seems to be enjoying but I continue to throw every seed imaginable out there in hopes it likes one of them. With any luck it may mate around here and we will get to see the entire family!

I finally got him on film!

He always eats off the ground

I had an oriole come in a week ago so I put up and oriole feeder for the first time ever!

and now they're here in droves!

that's an orange on top, sugar water in the bottom and grape jelly of all things in the little dishes on top. They love it and empty the jelly out daily!!

Then Mr. Bunting came back again this morning

If I thought it would bring in a drove of indigo buntings I'd put up a bright blue feeder! I don't think it works that way though... if anyone knows how to bring em in please comment! I have no idea what he's eating but he's been back every day and I'm loving it.

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  1. You have made my day!! What a wonderful gift! Indigo buntings are BEAUTIFUL... and I LOVE your Baltimore Orioles! FANTASTIC!!! I may have to come and hang out in the ZEN garden... I think Grandma is talking to you!!